do rough collies smell?

do rough collies smell?

Dogs are known for their fantastic sense of smell. But do you know which dog has the best sense of smell? It’s not the German shepherd or the bloodhound.

The dog with the best sense of smell is the rough collie.

You may already know Border Collies are highly intelligent, active, and love to be outside.

You may also have an image of a dirty farm dog with a strong collie odor.

1. Do Rough Collies Smell Bad?

no, rough collies do not smell bad. However, as with all breeds of dogs, they do have a distinct odor that may be unpleasant for some people.

Rough collies do have a light musky scent that can become stronger if the dog becomes wet or dirty from rolling in mud or playing outside.

In general, their fur does not produce an overwhelming odor and regular brushing and bathing should help keep any doggy smells under control.

With proper care and grooming, your rough collie will likely remain odorless!

Overall, rough collies do not produce scents that are any worse than other dog breeds.

All dog owners should keep in mind that they will need to provide basic maintenance and grooming to keep their doggy smelling fresh and clean.

Regular brushing, bathing, and ear cleaning can help reduce doggy odors and keep your rough collie’s coat looking shiny and beautiful!

2. How to Make Your Rough Collie Smell Nice

The best way to keep your rough collie smelling great is through regular grooming.

Use a brush and shampoo made specifically for dogs to help keep their coat clean, remove debris and eliminate odors.

Additionally, brushing helps to distribute natural oils throughout their fur, which helps with shedding and makes it softer and shinier.

Plus, getting rid of excess hair will reduce the amount of doggy odor in your home!

3. Tips to Keep Your Doggy Friend Smelling Fresh

To help keep your doggo smelling fresh and lovely all the time, here are 3 tips:

1. Brush Your Rough Collie Regularly

While regular bathing can help to keep doggy odors down, brushing your dog’s fur helps to remove excess dirt and oils from their coat which may cause them to smell.

Depending on how long their fur is, you should be brushing your doggo at least twice a week or up to every other day.

Be sure to brush in the direction of the fur growth and do not forget to brush the undercoat.

2. Choose the Right Dog Shampoo

When it comes to doggy cleanliness, using quality dog shampoo is essential for keeping odors down.

Avoid using human shampoos as they can be too harsh for doggos’ skin and coats.

Look for a doggie-specific shampoo that is free of added fragrances or that contains natural ingredients such as oatmeal which can help soothe doggo skin while also controlling doggy odors.

3. Bathe Your Rough Collie Regularly

Another way to keep doggy odors at bay is to bathe them regularly with a good doggie-friendly shampoo.

Depending on the doggo’s lifestyle, you should be bathing them at least every two weeks or even more frequently.

Be sure to use lukewarm water and do not forget to rinse well after washing. After their bath, dry your doggo with a towel and brush out any knots or tangles before letting them go outside.

4. Cleaning your collie’s ears, teeth, and paws

this can also help reduce odors, as these areas are prone to collecting dirt and bacteria.

Regular brushing can also help keep rough collies from smelling bad because it helps remove odor-causing debris from their fur.

If your collie has an unpleasant smell, you should have them checked by a veterinarian in case there is an underlying medical issue causing the odor.

5. Feeding them a healthy diet

is important to keep your rough collie’s coat and skin healthy. Feeding them a high-quality diet with natural ingredients can help reduce the doggy odor that some collies may have.

Additionally, proper grooming will help to keep their coats healthy, which in turn helps reduce doggy odors.

Regular baths and brushing are also recommended to keep doggy odors at bay. With regular care, rough collies’ smell should not be an issue!

6. Promoting good hygiene habits in your doggy friend

is not only a great way to keep them healthy, but it can do wonders for doing rough collies’ smell.

A regular bath and brushing will help reduce doggy odor and keep their coat shiny and healthy.

If your doggy’s smell persists or becomes stronger, there may be an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed.

If you suspect this is the case, it is best to take your pup to the vet for a checkup so they can diagnose any potential issues and provide appropriate treatment if necessary.

In some cases, doggy deodorants or medicated shampoos may also be recommended for additional odor control.

7. What type of doggy deodorant spray should be used for a rough collie?

if you do choose to use doggy deodorant for your rough collie, look for a product specifically formulated for dogs with thick coats like the rough collie.

These products are typically made using natural ingredients and essential oils that won’t irritate their skin or coat.

Avoid any doggy deodorant sprays that contain alcohol as it can dry out their fur and skin.

Additionally, consult your veterinarian before using any doggy deodorants on your rough collie as they may be able to recommend the best products for them.

8. the importance of grooming a rough collie?

Grooming also helps to remove dirt, debris, and dead hair that can accumulate in their thick fur.

Additionally, it can help reduce or eliminate doggy odors caused by bacteria growing in the fur.

Regular brushing of the fur is essential for removing these odors and keeping your Rough Collie looking its best.

Bathing with a good quality shampoo can also be beneficial for eliminating doggy odor and removing dirt and grime that can build up over time.

Proper grooming care will ensure that your Rough Collie looks great and smells fresh!


Overall, do rough collies smell? The answer is yes and no. Rough Collies do not have a strong, pungent odor but they do have a musky scent that some people find pleasant and others don’t.

As with any breed of dog, it’s important to remember to keep up with regular grooming and bathing to help keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy, which will help to reduce any doggy odor.

Additionally, keeping on top of flea and tick treatments can also help to minimize any smell.

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