when do rough collies hair get long?

when do rough collies hair get long?

Rough collies are a type of herding dog, originally bred in Scotland. They have become well-known for their gorgeous coats, which can be seen on many TV and movie screens.

The long hair of the rough collie is iconic and often admired by pet owners. While it may look beautiful when fully grown, there is a specific timeline for when a rough collie’s coat will reach its full length.

Here, we will discuss the typical timing and growth stages of a rough collie’s coat.

The Early Stages of Hair Growth

1. Age 0-4 Months

During this stage, rough collie puppies do not have much hair. It is usually very short and sparse.

2. Age 4-8 Months

At this age, the coat of a rough collie will be at its longest and most beautiful. The hair on the back legs should reach approximately an inch in length, while the hair around the neck and underbelly may be as long as two inches.

This is when their full adult coat begins to form and they start looking like the regal and majestic breed they are.

Grooming should begin at this stage to ensure that the coat does not become matted or tangled.

The rough collie will require brushing several times a week, more often if possible, to keep their coat in top condition.

The Middle Stages of Hair Growth

1. Age 8-12 Months

By the age of 8-12 months, your rough collie’s coat will start to become longer. You may notice slight feathering around his face and feet, as well as scattered long hairs on his body.

These hairs will be soft, with a thick undercoat starting to form.

2. Age 12-18 Months

As your rough collie grows into adulthood, his coat will continue to thicken and become longer.

The feathering around the face and feet will also start to increase in abundance and length.

You may find that regular grooming becomes necessary to maintain the length and shape of your rough collie’s coat.

The Late Stages of Hair Growth

1. Age 18-24 Months

During this time period, the majority of collies will have long hair that is about six to eight inches in length.

2. Age 24 Months and Older

At this point, a collie’s coat is almost fully grown out and can be up to twelve inches in length – but only if regularly brushed and groomed!

The longer the hair, the more important it is to brush and groom regularly. If you neglect grooming during this time period, the condition of your collie’s coat can suffer significantly.

3. Yearly Care

Even after a full year of growth, a collie’s coat should still be brushed at least once a week and trimmed as needed for the best results.

This will ensure that you maintain a healthy, glossy coat for your beloved pet.


What Are the Benefits of Keeping a Rough Collie’s Hair Long?

A Rough Collie’s long hair can provide a variety of benefits, including protection from the elements and a more attractive appearance.

Long fur is especially beneficial for rough collies living in cold climates, as it provides insulation to keep them warm during the winter months.

Additionally, keeping their coats longer gives them an eye-catching look that can help them stand out in the crowd.

It also adds to their unique charm and beauty, making them a popular breed for show dogs or pets.

Keeping the hair long also helps prevent matted fur, which can be painful for the dog if it’s not tended to properly.

Finally, longer hair on a Rough Collie helps protect the skin from potential sunburn, windburn, and other environmental factors.

Taking the time to groom a Rough Collie’s long hair can go a long way toward ensuring its health and well-being.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Keeping a Rough Collie’s Hair Long?

When allowed to grow too long, the hair can become tangled and matted, which can result in skin problems such as inflammation or even open wounds.

In addition, if your Rough Collie is exposed to extreme temperatures, their long hair can cause them to overheat and become dehydrated.

These risks can be avoided by brushing your Rough Collie’s coat every few weeks and keeping it trimmed to a manageable length.

With proper care, you can keep your Rough Collie’s coat healthy and lustrous while avoiding any potential health problems associated with long hair.

What Are the Steps to Properly Maintaining a Rough Collie’s Long Hair?

A Rough Collie’s long hair is a beautiful sight, but it can be difficult to maintain without the proper steps.

Properly caring for your Rough Collie’s lengthy locks can help keep them looking their best and prevent matting from occurring.

Here are some tips for maintaining a Rough Collie’s longer hair:

1. Regularly brush your Rough Collie’s coat to keep it free of tangles and mats. Use a wide-toothed comb or slicker brush for best results.

2. Bathe your Rough Collie monthly, using shampoo specifically made for their long hair type. It’s important to use the right shampoo to prevent stripping natural oils from their coat.

3. Use a conditioner after bathing that is specifically made for dogs with long coats, and make sure to rinse thoroughly.

Conditioners help keep the fur soft and manageable, reducing the amount of time you will need to spend brushing out tangles.

4. When drying your Rough Collie’s coat, use a towel to gently squeeze out the water and then allow them to air dry. If you need to speed up the drying process, use a blower set on low.

5. Trim any excess fur around the eyes and paw pads of your Rough Collie to prevent dirt and debris from gathering.

What Are the Different Grooming Options for Rough Collies with Long Hair?

One of the most popular grooming options for Rough Collies with long hair is a full-body clip.

This involves clipping all of the furs from the dog’s body down to a uniform length, typically an inch or two long.

This is ideal for dogs that need a more manageable coat and can make regular brushing and bathing much easier.

Another option is a show groom. This type of grooming involves creating a specific look that is tailored to meet the breed standard required for dog shows.

Show grooms include shaping the hair around the face, creating a top knot on the head, and trimming away long strands of fur that might otherwise hide features of the coat.

The frequency of show grooms will depend on how often your Rough Collie competes in dog shows.

For Rough Collies with long hair that does not show, it is generally recommended to have the coat trimmed every 6-8 weeks.

This will keep the fur from getting matted or tangled and make regular brushing much easier.

What Are the Different Types of Products Used to Keep a Rough Collie’s Hair Long?

there are certain products that should be used on the coat. Brushes with stiff bristles help to detangle and remove dead fur from the coat on a regular basis.

They also help to evenly spread natural oils throughout the fur for a smooth, healthy look. A dog conditioner should also be used occasionally to keep the coat soft and hydrated.

After brushing and conditioning, a leave-in conditioner can be applied to add extra protection from the elements and make it easier to brush again later on.

Finally, a good quality coat spray should be used to help repel dirt and dust, while adding shine and luster. With regular brushing and conditioning, a rough collie’s hair can stay long and beautiful.


Rough collie hair generally gets longer with age, although breeders have been selecting shorter coats in recent years.

Generally speaking, rough collies will reach their adult coat length around the age of two to three years old.

To keep their fur looking healthy and neat, regular grooming is recommended. With the right care and attention, your rough collie can have a beautiful, long-haired coat that will be the envy of all.

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